Community Artist Spaces

The Narrow Group is dedicated to promoting the vibrancy and creativity of the neighbourhoods its businesses are in. We do this by creating dedicated studios spaces throughout East Vancouver where artistically minded people can do creative work in dynamic, active arts environments. We aim to have an encouraging role in the the greater arts community.

Our Studio Features

Our communal artist studios are locked off and secure from the general public, but not locked entirely off from other artists. This provides opportunities for the sharing of ideas, a sense of community and the opportunity to work together cooperatively. Our studios are accessible to 24/7, have wifi, and are in thriving, accessible locations.

45 West

45 West Hastings Street
13,000 sq feet

15 visual artists
1 dance collective
1 yoga collective
Opened in 2008

Betamax Studios

2244 East Hastings
12,000 sq feet

35 visual artists
1 theater school
1 pottery co-op
Opened in 2017

City Centre Artist Lodge

2111 Main Street
19,000 sq feet

75 units
100+ artists
Opened in 2022

Godzilla Artist Studios

739/737 Gore Ave
9,000 sq feet

15 visual artists
2 dance collectives
Sewing collective
Pottery collective
Opened 2019

Juke’s Artist Lounge

2343 Main Street
4,000 sq feet

6 visual artists
1 theatre troop
Opened 2021

Omaha Studios

108 East Broadway
12,000 Sq feet

31 visual artists
2 pottery co-ops
Special needs book store
Opened in 2013

Shady Acres Artist Studios

1235 East Hastings
7,000 sq feet

16 visual artists
1 wood working collective
Opened 2019

Need studio space?

We have multiple art studios around East Van. if you’re interested in learning about our availability, please get in touch via the contact form below.